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Rugby Basics

Rugby is played for two 40-minute halves, with continuous play like soccer. It has 15 players per team, on a field 100m long and 70m wide, with "Try Zones" (end zones), which are 20m deep on either end. Much like American Football, scoring in rugby can take place with a Try (5 points by running the ball into the Try Zone and touching the ball down to the ground, hence the term "Touchdown" in American Football), an Extra Point Conversion (worth 2 points), a Penalty Goal (3 points, very similar to a Field Goal), and with a Drop Goal (3 points). Players may run, kick, or pass the ball in order to advance down the field, though all passing must be either laterally or backwards. A team is penalized for a forward pass in rugby (be it 1m forward, 1 foot, 1 inch)! While tackling is a huge part of the game, other common rules of American Football are forbidden...i.e. blocking, tackling without wrapping up, tackling above the shoulders, etc.

There are no football pads in rugby! Only a mouthguard and an attitude!


1.  Loose Head Prop

2.  Hooker

3.  Tight Head Prop

4.  Second Row

5.  Second Row

6.  Blind Side Flanker

7.  Open Side Flanker

8.  Number 8  (original isn't it)

9.  Scrumhalf

10.  Flyhalf

11.  Weak Side Wing

12.  Inside Center

13.  Outside Center

14.  Strong Side Wing

15.  Fullback

On the field, they set up like this...


The Field

rugby field.jpeg

Still confused?


Check out this quick video! 

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